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Sensing the energies

Updated: May 25, 2022

I just went for a walk.

Going for a walk is great when you feel dispirited, confused, or out of focus. So I pushed myself away from the desk, almost forcefully, and left my apartment. While walking, I tried to focus my attention on my surroundings while staying in contact with myself. Nice idea, hm? Well, I encountered: barking dogs, honking cars, roaring motorcycles, garbage on the sidewalk, rude E-Scooter riders. Not great for calming yourself down, and so very normal when you live in the city.

After a while, my perception flipped: all of a sudden, I did not see or hear anymore. Rather, I sensed the energy: the energy of longing from the barking of the dog who wanted to get in touch with another dog, the energy of the car honk, making my drumskin vibrate, the energy of the engine of that motorcycle, ready to propel the driver forward, the energy of the chaos that does not follow any pattern and is just freedom, or the energy of that young man on the E-scooter, maneuvering himself through the waiting cars with skill and swiftness.

All those energies were not actually directed against me. As a matter of fact, they had nothing to do with me – they just flowed through me.

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