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We know now that sustainability is actually translating into profit, and that diverse teams are actually performing better. And we are beginning to understand that the level of complexity of today’s challenges requires companies, government agencies, activists and nonprofits to join forces and create solutions for today’s existential challenges – for humanity, for organisations, and for humans. We need more and better connections. I am looking forward to connecting with you!



I am putting my whole heart into everything that helps us

become more connected: Organisational Development, conflict

transformation, and inner peacebuilding. In my work, I use the experience I gained while directing theatre performances, managing international development cooperation projects in governance and peace & security, working for the Civil Peace Service in Palestine & Israel, and facilitating change and reflection processes for GIZ, EU and others.

By using systemic structure constellations, me and my clients “see the system”
they are in and playfully work on adequate solutions. As process facilitator I work with a Gestalt, systemic and solution-focused approach. I am curious about how
we can connect!


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